awesome game for anyone who loves the series or otherwise

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Fox: Assault GC
ok, so where to start? well first of all the gameplay looks great and presents its self well. its story short but compelling has some great twists and the cutsenes are great. you don't have to read the text as its already voiced for you. ok now to the gameplay some of the boss battles are patheticly easy but makes up for it when your trying to get to the boss. the last boss battlle is cimamatic and dramatic. some of the levels require you to go on the ground with your team mates covering you in the air sometimes Krystle will join you on the ground but this only happens about two times in the game. the multiplayer levles are fantastic and have unlocables to encorage you to play more the one thing about mutiplayer is you can't play against the computer so you need to have a friend for you reach the unlockables. also the story is really short (onaly 10 missions long) so that kinda suckes. the arwings handle really well and mimic star fox 64, fox on the ground though is REALLY slow at turning around and its hard getting a lock on babbies above ground. and as you compleat levles you gain the stages on mutiplayer and you also get medles for the levle of diffaculty you compleat it on and if all your team members survive. there's also secrate flages you can get but i don't know what those are for. so overall this is a steller game and every one must have it