A great Star Fox title, but the ground missions and the legnth of the game, really bring down it's value.

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Fox: Assault GC
The fourth Star Fox game to ever be released, is good in some points.

Gameplay 8/10
There are three ways to play. In a Arwing, in a Landmaster, and on foot. In an Arwing, you can fly around shooting enemies, saving your stupid ass team mates from enemies, defeating a boss, all that Star Fox stuff. In a Landmaster, you're basically playing on foot, except you can hover, boost, take damage with flinching, kill almost every enemy in one shot, and a lot more. On foot, you can shoot at enemies with a variety of weapons. Controls 7 1/2/10
The controls are easy to use, but only in the Arwing, in the Landmaster, the controls are a little better but still slow, and on foot controls are a little hard to control, but it's really the enemies that make it frustrating to move around. (with the flinching and all.)

Graphics 8/10
The graphics are pretty......pretty! But there are some NASTY AS **** textures in there.........just kidding.

Music 9/10
A bit loud, but nicely composed.

Sound Effects 10/10
Great sound effects and voice acting, even though the voice acting is hollow sounding most of the time, but that's because they're are talking through a transmitter.

Plot 9/10
A great plot, but the plot is WAY to short.

Replay Value 7/10
The only replay value is the badges and the Multiplayer.

The only things that I thought could of been better in the game were: The length, which is really the worst thing about the game. There's only 10 missions, I mean like, come on! The game would of been a lot better if there were more! 15 or 20 missions would of been very satisfying. Another thing was how you cant lower the music volume, cause the music volume is, let's face it, WAY to loud. It covers the voices almost every time! The ground missions could of been better too, by getting rid of the annoyance of the enemies.

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