Possibly the best in the series, but at times it unintentionaly becomes a parody of itself.

User Rating: 9 | Star Fox: Assault GC
Star Fox is a funny little franchise. A team of furry little animals flying around in space ships blasting the nonsense out of evil space monkeys- only Nintendo could get away with such a thing. But not only do they get away with it, they make it one of their most cherished franchises. Many say that Starfox 64 is the best of the series- I respectfully disagree. Starfox: Assult provides incredible flight levels, some pretty good "on foot" levels, and even some levels that'll let you alternate between both. It also has some great multiplayer death matches and loads of replayablility. The question isn't "should I buy Starfox Assult", it's "why haven't I bought this game yet?". The answer is "because many people hate on it" and "those people are silly".

But then again, so is Starfox. The voice work is laughable as is the writing. All attempts at humor fail. But that's one of the things I love about this game- it's almost a parody of itself. Your team is completly incompetant- you'll constantly be needing to get them out of trouble. The banter is cheesy enough to fill a motzerella stick, and your main villain is a gigantic floating mokey head. So why does this game get a 9.0? It's because it's freaking fun.

All of those parodic things, to me, make the game really funny and enjoyable. I love the cheesy B-movie feel I get from it. But that's not why its a great game. Games don't get a 9.0 for being hillariously cheesy. This game is, as I've said, freaking fun. The flight levels are classic- even better than those of Starfox 64. The land based levels have a repetitive formula, but thankfully its a fun formula. There's some really intense levels that involve you having to alternate between land and flight, which are my favorite. The game has plenty of moments where you'll actually find yourself saying, "wow, that's pretty cool!" The bosses are larger than life, well designed, and tons of fun. There's also the traditional Nintendo high level of polish- the game looks great. The controls are tight (there are three different options). There's also a multiplayer mode which is great fun with three or four people.

Bottom Line: Chances of a Wii Starfox coming out are looking slimmer by the day, so this may be it for awhile. If you enjoyed Starfox 64, or are just looking for a cheap action game for your wii or GC, this is a must buy. It's just good fun, even if it's less...great than it's 64 predicessor. Trust me, this game is a fantastic action romp, and a Nintendo classic, even if the voice acting is just plain silly.