If you say it's bad, you obviously have never played it.

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Fox: Assault GC
The second Star Fox game released on the Gamecube, and quite a better game than Adventures, because it brings back what Adventures lacked: using vehicles for missions, a multiplayer mode, and other things.

The game carries over many things from Star Fox 64: a short 1-P mode that has secrets, making you play more, unlockables, a multiplayer mode, and more that I can't remember off the top of my head.

The story: the Star Fox team is called when Andrew Oikanny, Andross' nephew, begins to attack Corneria, hoping to finish what his uncle had started. After taking out much of Andrew's fleet, Andrew flees, and the Star Fox team gives chase. They fight Andrew, and after Andrew is defeated, he tries one more time to attack Star Fox, but something attacks Andrew first and destroys his machine. The Star Fox team don't know what the creature is, but they go after it, seeing the trouble it could cause. After defeating it, Peppy tells the team it's a creature called an aparoid: a strange species that are so strong, just one can easily destroy an entire fleet. Seeing the danger the apaoroids possess, the team tries to get rid of as many aparoids as they can, and try to get to the Aparoid Home world and destroy the queen, thus destroying all aparoids.

The multiplayer mode is amazing: you can play as any member of the current Star Fox team (and other characters that can be unlocked), each with their own stats, and can play in a number of stages (most of them must be unlocked by playing them in Story Mode, and some can be unlocked by doing a certain amount of multi-player matches), and fight each other with different weapons (again, some can be unlocked by playing a certain amount of matches). I always play the multi-player mode with my friends, and we all have fun and get excited when the round's about to end, waiting to see who wins. Overall, I play the battle mode more than the single-player.

As for the controls, they are kinda confusing until you get the hang of it. The controls for when you're on-foot are, A is to shoot, B is to use a barrier, Y is to jump, Z is to taunt and to get in an Arwing or Landmaster when you're near one, pressing "up" on the control stick makes your character go forward and to turn you have to press left or right, and to aim (like if somebody's in an Arwing and you can't lock-on to him/her), you have to press R.

In an Arwing, A is to shoot, B is to use Smart/Nova bombs, X is to land, R is to brake, L is to barrel roll, and Y is to speed up. For the Landmaster, A is to shoot, Y is to hover, R is to aim, L is to roll, and for both vehicles, Z is to exit.

Overall, his game is good: I don't see why people say it's so bad. The ground controls are a bit confusing, but are still good. Both single-player and multi-player modes rock. There are a good chunk of unlockables to keep you playing for quite a while. It has amazing graphics. It has things that Adventures missed, which I already mentioned. It has a good story that keeps unfolding. And, well, instead of listening to me talking about it, get it for yourself and see how amazing it is.