This game is wonderful if you want to relieve some stress. Light em up!

User Rating: 7 | Star Fox: Assault GC
For the short time that the game lasts, StarFox Assult is really fun. Assult pits you in many situations to blast up your enemy. You can travel on foot, by tank, or by arwing. If you are playing single player, you will find that there is only one thing you have to do: Shoot the enemy up. Earning the silver and gold medals can be quite a challenge if you are up to it. Getting all 10 silver medals will earn you the bonus arcade game, Xevious. As I have mentioned, StarFox Assult is extremely short and you will be able to beat the game in 3 sittings max. The single player consists of story, mission, and survival- but all of them revolve around same 10 missions. This game also features a 4 player multiplayer which can be fun along as limited as well. This game is not terrible but it's not spectacular.