Assault is an excellent Star Fox game.

User Rating: 9 | Star Fox: Assault GC
Star Fox: Assault is a work of art. Gamespot went wrong when writing a review for this game!

Graphics:9/10. These are a work of excellence.

Gameplay:10/10. From in an arwing to destroying monsters with the land master, and running at high speeds, blasting away at enemies, all of gameplay id GOLD.

Music:8/10. The tracks sound classical, but I think they mixed it up a little too much.

Replay value:10/10. All missions, once you unlock them, can be played over and over again.

(Actual) Difficulty:?/10. There are three difficulty levels: Bronze level(easy), silver level(medium), and gold(hard).

Boss/enemy fights:9/10. The aparoids provide a good fight during the game.

Storyline:8/10. After the first mission, the goal of the game becomes pretty clear: Destroy the aparoids.

Well that sums up Star Fox: Assault.