A good shooter to have in your Gamecube collection.

User Rating: 8 | Star Fox: Assault GC
Star Fox Assault isn't like the past Star Fox games. Star Fox and Star Fox 64 used only Arwings and a the Landmaster a couple times on Star Fox 64. On Star Fox Adventures you were on foot mostly but sometimes used the Arwing. Star Fox Assault requires you to utilize all of these inputs.

Gameplay, 8. The game plays like other 3rd person shooters. There are three different control modes: Pilot, Arwing, and Landmaster. Pilot is you on foot. When you're on foot you can get inside a vehicle, use the game's many different guns, and basically just run around the stage. An Arwing is kinda like a jet I guess. The Landmaster is a more flexible tank.
When you first start you have to create a name. When you do this you can choose one of three different control types, and two different ways to use the X and Y axis. In the single player mode you can play the Story mode. This is where you follow the story of Star Fox Assault. After you beat one of the stages you can replay them to get stuff that you might have missed. Once you beat the game you can play Survival mode. This is where you try to get as far through the game as possible without getting a single game over. There are three difficulty settings you can have this game on: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Bronze is easy, Silver is medium, and Gold is hard.
You probably won't spend nearly as much time with the single player mode as you will with the Vs. Mode. The Vs. Mode is where you and 1-3 friends can fight it out on one of the game's different multiplayer stages. You can play as different members of the Star Fox team. Customize the vehicles and play under special conditions.
The game plays pretty good. The vehicles are well balanced. It's kind of a like a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The Landmaster is the rock, the Arwing is scissors, and the Pilot is Paper. The Pilot can easily beat the Landmaster, depending on the weapon you have on you at the moment, but it's very hard to beat the Arwing on foot. The Arwing crushes the Pilot but gets beaten easily by the Landmaster. The Landmaster destroys the Arwing but if caught off guard will be destroyed by the Pilot. That's not to say that it's that simple. It still all comes down to skill and strategy in the end.

Graphics, 9. The graphics are very good for a Gamecube game. Lots of detail to the different worlds. The characters have a whole new look and they look great.

Sound, 8. The music is pretty good. The voice acting is pretty good also. At least this time Slippy sounds like a guy.

Value, 10. This game's single player mode doesn't have a lot of replay value to it but the Vs. Mode will last forever. Many customization options for you to tinker with, and just playing a normal game with three friends is pretty fun.

Difficulty, Just Right. You choose the difficulty level so it's your choice how hard you want the game to be.

Tilt, 7. This game is generally fun. I can't say that I like the single player mode but the multiplayer should be quite a treat for shooter fans. If you're a shooter fan and want a nice shooter with multiplayer, then Star Fox Assault is a game you'll like. I'm not sure however that non-shooter fans will like it as much though.