Here we go again!

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Fox: Assault GC
once again we embark on another adventure with mercenary team star fox where we find sickening pleasure in hunting down slippy and shooting the living crap out of him. well im a zombie to the series ever since star fox 64 where i got the first taste of slippy's blood... but anyway its still as great a shooter as its ancestors but the on foot just doesnt fit... sure its a great addition to the series but it just feels hollow not being in you arwing for more than half the game. but more importantly you cant kill slippy on foot most of the time =(
if your not a slave to the series its a 50/50 that you'll like it. you will find it as a nice alternative shooter to get away from halo and crap-games like that but even a hardcore player can get into a fox game. The best part of the game is the multiplayer... weather its barrel rolling your friend off your wing into the temple holes on sauria, getting lost in icey fachina, or traffic copter in corneria (dont ask) its possibly the most fun and laughs you will have on the gamecube.