Great Graphics and powers,cool enemies and hard bosses and missions.Fox and the gang return for another war,and its hard

User Rating: 9.5 | Star Fox: Assault GC
Fox and the gang have returned from the last mission,and this time its a top-notch game-Kill,destroy,or be annihilated.You are sent to capture Oikonny Andross,but during the battle,you encounter a new enemy-an Aparoid!These appeared fifteen years ago and just one of them took out an entire fleet.This time around,they have an army-and its gonna be a long and bumpy ride,so strap up,because you're in for the top gaming experience of star fox,and this time around,everyone makes a sacrifice.This game features hard bosses and great enemies and areas,making up for the lack of time you'd need to beat the game.This time Wolf and his gang help you,and they have a new member as well-Panther!You need their help this time,because this war is about to get messy,and your the one whos gonna have to make that mess and clean it up,and it might just take you out along with it!