Fox is back, and a few upgrades are in store for the player.

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Fox: Assault GC
Now this game is probably my favorite series on Nintendo. Star Fox Assault introduces some never before seen upgrades to the Star Fox series.
This game features multiplayer, but still no co-op play. During multiplayer, players are allowed to actually go into the Landmaster, or Arwing when found. There are multiple maps to play on, but most need to be unlocked.

How we start off, is that the Star Fox team,(Fox, Falco, Krystal, and Slippy) have been hired to take down the last of Andross's army, and his successor Andrew Oikanny. During the fight between Fox and Oikanny, a strange robot-insect like thing comes and takes Oikanny out. When it attacks the first time, ROB says that its called an Aparoid. Fox and the team are now faced with a danger that may affect more than the Lylat System if left uncontrolled.

Highlights for this game are as follows. Depending on the level, you can enter, or leave the Landmaster and/or Arwing at any time. While Assault brings new upgrades to the party, the old-school flying controls from 64 still play the same. Combat control on the ground couldn't be simpler, lets just say its harder to blow up a deaf man, while he is asleep with a grenade compared to the combat control.

Downsides are as follows. The story is waaay to short in my opinion. There is also your usless allies flying around shooting randomly than when they actually shoot down flying targets in Star Fox 64.

Overall this game is a very good time killer, and it keeps the storyline going in a good way. Its definitly a good game to look into.