Star Fox is good, but it doesn't leave a lasting effect.

User Rating: 7.8 | Star Fox: Assault GC
After playing the best game in the series (Starfox 64) this game just has me lost in the transition to the GameCube. The game offers quite a lot of playability through out the career, but there isn't enough single player to go around. The characters were funny and interesting, but they failed to carry the weak story that the game faces. Some of the foot missions were interesting, but the real fun was in the flying segments of the game. After i finished the game, i couldn't help but feel that they wanted the game to be something that it wasn't. A lot of the game play reminded me of a particular competing series (Ratchet and Clank.) But i did find that the multi player features to be thorough and fun. I think that the series has strayed too far from the original style presented on the SNES.