Oddly under-rated. I was really happy with what they did, and what they didn't.

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Fox: Assault GC
To start the graphics update was very much appreciated with the dynamic hair, glowing off of Fox's wonderfully animated face. It doesn't matter to me because I don't really care about the graphics and more about Nintendo's gameplay style, but it was nice. They had tons of variety which had its ups and downs. The on foot combat was a nice edition but was shallow. I enjoyed it, but it got repetitive. For example, the weapons felt very much the same, and some of the levels I just didn't enjoy because of its lazy radar letting you know that your objectives were in a cave that was barely visible that led underground. Also, I felt the controls were well done after some practice, I did feel that was a little sluggish, but quickly got passed that. Another new update that I really enjoyed was the fact that you could jump in and out of Landmaster Tank. I am a huge fan of the series from it's SNES days to the current generation, such as adventures, and was happy to free roam in the tank blowing up what I want, and hop out when I want. I just wish that the controls were a little less sloppy. I still really enjoyed the segments and thought people blew it out of proportion. Now, as I mentioned earlier I am a fan of this series, and they didn't change anything to my number one favorite segment of gameplay, air battles. Every second of shooting enemies out of the sky is incredibly animated and particle effects were outstanding. I also enjoyed the fact that there were some great inside flying moments. Trust me, you will know what I'm talking about when you play it. Some of the most epic aerial shooters of all time. One thing about the diversity in this game is the great moments of standing on the wings of fighters and shooting from them. I loved those moments, taking enemies down in large groups. My favorite thing of this whole game had to be Muliplayer. Taking my teamates down with a landmaster while he was flying away and taking down Falco with Fox in an aerial grudge match. Maneuvering between buildings is so fun. Every multiplayer character has their own statistics. For example some have accuracy, speed, better maneuvering and etc... It was really entertaining when I unlocked some of the other modes and all. Overall, I loved this game because they added some great mechanics to the gameplay and diversity. Also, the new and improved multiplayer was so great. I just wish there less control flaws. Even with that I really enjoyed this game but it wasn't even close to perfect.