yeah fun but tricky.

User Rating: 8 | Star Fox: Assault GC
star fox assault is one of the best gamecube games that ever came out, because of the graphics, sound, and gameplay. and also star fox is a classic. i really enjoyed playing through the game, even though when i got it i thought it would be bad. but it was good. my favorite character in the series is wolf because of his ship (the wolfen) i think starfox assault is mostly know for vs mode, and the last boss ( queen aporoid) because the main game isnt that fun by yourself. my favorite boss would have to be pigma in aporoid form. he is cool and hard at the same time. but overall i think star fox assault has pretty good gamecube graphics, and is a must have muliplayer. so i recommend this game to anyone who has alot of friends that like to play multiplayer games. so all you star fox fans out there that have not quite looked at this star fox game you need to look it up cuz it is fun.