The best star fox yet!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Star Fox: Assault GC
In every star fox game Fox Mclound has a mission to defend the lylat system
and it is the same in this new sequel. except there is no more andross, there are aparoids. which makes the new turn in the star fox series since andross has been in 3 game already. the story get dramatic once you go through the end. Fox needs to destroy the aparoid queen and will terminate all the aparoids in the lylat system. sound boring but the story get a bit dramatic. the whole thing is about 3 - 5 hours long but is really fun while it lasts. you go through about 12 mission which in all of them you need to defeat aparoids.

In the past games fox was only seen in arwing until in starfox adventures which he finally comes out of his arwing and then uses a staff that dosnt fit him. in Star Fox Assault he will be in a few arwing missions but he come out of his arwing again and then uses futuristic guns which are perfect. the new 3rd person shooting work well and is easy to use. also he uses his landmaster too. but when on ground he can switch out of his arwing and landmaster which is really fun.

the graphics are great with no screen rate problem they are different from Star Fox Adventures which has a whole bunch of curves. it runs at a smooth 60 frame per second

This is the first Star Fox game to have multiplayer (not including star fox 64 which the multiplayer sucked) up to 4 players can either do a dog fight with arwings or go on ground with the new gun feature. nearly all of the mission stages are included. and there are a few different game modes. but in one word the multiplayer is Superb.

Star Fox Assault is a great new seaquel to the series and a real fun ground based gameplay.

Good: Really Fun, new ground based gameplay, smooth graphics, awesome multiplayer

Bad:Short Story, bland story, can get repetitive,