The worst star fox game of all time!!!

User Rating: 4 | Star Fox: Assault GC
Comparing to star fox 64, this game is garbage, the ground missions are horrible and repetitive, all missions are the same, killing the stupid target and then a boss, also the game is very short and no one of the missions have alternative missions like star fox 64. The story is stupid, aparoids??? what kind of name is that??? I can think of million of better names like that, and krystal as a member of star fox team??? in 1 year she learn so much of arwings to replace peppy??? also the star wolf team became stupidly the good guys at the end of the game, and introduce this panther carroso, the worst character of all star fox saga. The only possitive thing of this game is the 3 only arwing stages that are good but not at the level of no one of the star fox 64 levels, because of the movement of the arwing that becames slower. The multiplaye mode is bad, you play it for an hour and then turning off your gamecube. I think namco destroys one of the best sagas of nintendo and if a sequel is going to be made, nintendo have to do it because namco have done the worst of their jobs with star fox assault.
Star fox adventure is a great game at least but assault....