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Hello everyone!

noDPS is currently looking to expand into Star Citizen and we need your help!

We are a multi-gaming community that has previously focused on games like Eve Online, Space Engineers, Destiny, the Division, Monster Hunter World and World of Warcraft.

We are a growing community and are looking for dedicated long-term members, both people that just want to come play with us and people that want to help run the show!

We have only a few requirements if you wish to join both our Squad and community:

- Make sure you have a working microphone (this is essential)

- Be an active member of our community - we are a social clan at heart.

- Join us on Discord

- Register on our forum

Our current clan admin team have a vast amount of experience leading large gaming communities and we want to share that wealth of experience with everyone else!

As part of our community, you are welcome to join us in any of the games that we play together.

Recruitment is currently open and ongoing, get in touch if there's anything that you're unsure of.

If you are interested in joining then please respond to this thread and make sure to join us in Discord.

I look forward to seeing you all in game :)