Exciting and Frustrating, but a bit misunderstood.

User Rating: 8 | SSX PS3
The game isnt the abhorred filth underneath the devils shower drain as most people would proclaim. It is sometimes frustrating, yes, however, the over-all gameplay and potential is very accommodating and refreshing. Just like with any new fresh take on something it may be difficult to actually snowboard for the first time, but its extremely fun once you get used to the basics. It seems like too many people fell on their ass and threw the game out the window in sheer frustration a little too soon.

The Gameplay Mechanics: 8/10 There are some problems here and there, like the highly magnetic railings, landing, and Classic Mode problems, but the rest of the game is generally pretty smooth. Racing and Tricking down the mountain is for the most part intuitive and very fun once the basics are learned.

The Gameplay: 8.5/10 The over-all campy and character developed feel of SSX is a bit lacking, however, the SSX world is loaded with drops for all types of players. Explore and Global Events have taken the franchise into a massive new dynamic that i believe works extremely well. Constantly adding friends with records to beat, and the poker like structure of the Global Events makes it that much more appealing for replayability. The only reason this isnt a 10 for me is the lack of multiplayer, map graphics (SSX billboards, people in crowd, panes, etc) and very bland redistribution of characters. Other than that its a very solid game to play

The Music: 8/10 SSX has always been 'with it' when it comes to music, i've always enjoyed the tracks while carving up the ssx world. But this one kinda let me down. I say kinda because you can upload your own music and the ssx soundtrack is none the wiser. While a fan of dubstep and other progressive genres the overall balance of songs i liked versus songs i didnt really get into was severly tilted in the "this is what moldy cheese sounds like" scale. The rock and indi songs werent too bad but i would have liked to have heard Janes Addiction remixes, and more Ima Robot, Audio Bullys, Hybrid, and Andy Hunter type songs. I do have to say Amon Tobin killed it with Clear Skys (in a good way)

Graphics: 9.5/10 The graphics on this game are just astounding. Although missing some key elements what they're not missing is great visuals. I say keep up the good work.


Survive it: 9.5/10 I love it, I honestly wished there were more tracks to traverse. I could do without the rocks and oxygen but everything else is good wholesome, tree-in-your-pancreas FUN. It was extremely frustrating at first expecting a completely Tricky and Race type game, then trying to trick on those deadly descents was just glorified suicide. But after playing the game enough and getting the maps down and lines tweaked. The game has a tremendous amount of potential with this new feature. I just hope it hasnt ruined peoples opinion of SSX completely.

Geotags: 9/10 The concept is extremely cool. I spent the entire first half of my game time searching, attaining, and placing these things. If they can fix all the bugs and inventory space this should stay in the series in my opinion as a great addition.

Overall: 9/10 The game lacks alot of its predecessors charm and fluidity but there is alot in this game that makes it stand alone. I would recommend this game to anyone willing to keep an open mind and give it some time.

Oh and we need more DJ Atomika