Totally lame. 10 year old PS2 SSX Tricky blows this away in every way!

User Rating: 1 | SSX X360
Boring, repetitive, and without any substance. It makes me wonder if anyone involved in designing this game ever played SSX Tricky on the PS2? All they had to do was bring the graphics up to date and add true online multiplayer and they would have had a awesome game. From the menus to the music and characters and physics they got it right 2001, and all wrong in 2012.


Why this game sucks....
You hardly spend any time snowboarding. Instead most of the time you're flying around like a total spaz.
Everything is moving so fast you can really see the rider or snow or terrain. You can't even really see much of the mountain in from of you so you are constantly jumping into giant holes.
Menu screen sucks, a chore to navigate.

Seriously, I can't even go on. This game is so bad it amazes me. There is not one single good thing to say about out.

Don't believe the reviews !

If you haven't played the original, do yourself a avor. Find it and try it!

Don't waste your money or your time.
This game isn't worth a dime.