Good game, with detracting problems.

User Rating: 7.8 | SSX Tricky PS2
I believe the only reason Gamespot could have rated this game so high is because it was so early in the PS2's lifetime. I didn't play it then, but I can remember games I did play and compare. This game actually annoys me if I play it for more than a couple hours. There are bugs all over the place, and the races and trick competitions get very repetitive very quickly.

First, the bugs. You'll be 3/4's of the way through the last race(3 races per track to get a gold for the character you're using), when all of a sudden you've smacked into....well.....actually you hit nothing, but you fall anyway. Everyone passes you, you can't catch up anymore since all the short cuts are over with, and you get to start again hoping there won't be a problem this time. Trying to get on a rail can be significantly difficult. You'll be lined up perfectly, only to fall on your a$$ instead of railing successfully. These are the biggest flaws, though another one is that sometimes your character will turn upside down or sideways as an unwanted extension of the trick you just pulled off, just seconds before landing, ensuring a headache.

The voices are well done, and the music is great. Not many games manage to blend the track with gameplay so well. Whether you like the music or not is up to your tastes, but there's a healthy number of songs to choose from.

I'd say the graphics were great too, but apparently the odd wall doesn't show up visually, even though it sure stops your momentum well enough. So it loses a point there.

There's plenty of unlockable content. If you like trying to beat your time or your score, you'll have plenty of opportunity to do so. You'll have to beat each race 3 times with each character, and that's just if you win every time. The "Trick Book" is rather cool, but it seems more like a Japanese style mini button mashing game to pull all the tricks off. It's far more fun to pull off your own tricks than to attempt the sometimes nearly impossible tricks in the book. Some might think nearly impossible is a stretch, except that some tricks can only be done with the persons default board, when they each have three types of boards to use. So you could pull off the trick 400 times without actually unlocking it, just because you were using an Alpine board instead of a BX board.

There's not really much of a story, but it's not the kind of game to expect one. I wasn't disappointed in this area.

I have to rate the game hard, yet it isn't. The only reason it really is hard is because of the bugs that will sometimes make you repeat the start of a race 5 times before the game doesn't screw you over.

Overall it's not bad, but it's not a game I'd actually pay for.