SSX 3 Is The Best Game In The SSX Series! And It Is The Best Snowboarding Game Ever Created!

User Rating: 10 | SSX 3 GC
SSX 3 is the third installment in the SSX series by this point there have been two games released SSX in 2000 and SSX Tricky AKA SSX 2 in 2001. Now with the success of SSX Tricky they wanted to make yet another great amazing game! in 2003 SSX 3 was born! SSX 3 is without a doubt the best game in the whole entire series this game blows away the first two games like dust in the wind! In this game you get 10 riders! Mac is still here! HELL YEAH! Pysmon is back! Kick Ass! The games uber tricks are hell of a lot better and the graphics are amazing! for 2003! In this game takes place on a Mountain and on this very Mountain there are 3 peaks with over 100 challenges to complete the game also features Single Event and Conquer The Mountain Mode which is a great replacement for the stale WC mode but it is the same thing with a twist you can free ride and it's just really awesome! This game also has something that is legendary ! it has a licensed Soundtrack with a mixture of really good Rock,Pop, and Hip Hop songs and artists! This is truly the best snowboarding game ever created i don't think anything can get better than this!

SSX 3 for GameCube! = 10.0/10