Really, really good game

User Rating: 9.2 | SSX 3 PS2
The only other SSX games I have played is SSX Tricky. SSX 3 compared to that game is loads better. There are a reasonable amount of characters in this game. But thats good. You dont want to many characters because of all the stuff you can get. The boards, gloves, goggles, hats, specials, and tons more things. You also have to upgrade your characters. Enough of the charactters, on to the peaks. There are three peaks (mountains) you can go. You start at the first and go up. At each mountain there are a few races, freestyle, and freeride places. Try to complete all of them and you have conquered the mountain.

The multiplayer in this game is what you would expect. Races, trick challenges, and just riding around. It gets fun though. I really recommend that you get this game. ITS AWESOME!!