a little to easy for me i mean ssx tricky was a little hard thats wat brings this game down a tiny bit

User Rating: 7.5 | SSX 3 PS2
good great fun best what can be said about the great ssx franchies this is a great game that has some of the bigest stars from ssx tricky sutch as broid and eddie i like the new superpipe or vert if you will events the three peaks get harder as you progress but there still pretty easy peaks 1-3 get more intence on peak one you will see first place on peak three you sill see 2nd or 3rd go and get it if you like the ssx franchies but if your not a fan dont get it most i have to say is go check your local g2k or gamestop you should find it pretty cheep good bang for your buck i always say get it love it NEVER get rid of it! i see if you liked the winter x games snowboarding or winter x games snowboarding 2002 you will not like this game but fans of the cool boarders franchies you will love this game