This game destroyed my love for Spyro and I havent bought another Spyro game since :(

User Rating: 1 | Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly (UK) PS2
I remember when I was in Elementary School I was a huge Spyro the Dragon fan. I had all 3 of the originals for the PlayStation and I loved them and I still do today. When I got a PlayStation 2 and this game was coming out I wanted it along with my PS2. I got it for Christmas along with Ratchet and Clank, and this was the very first PS2 I game I put in (today I regret that). Now when I put it in I was excited. when the loading screen showed Spyro gliding I thought it looked beautiful though the loading was very slow (my dad pointed that out saying "This game is slow"). When I started playing it like the previous 3 I enjoyed but my brother was saying "This isn't the best Spyro game." Which I agreed though I was enjoying it. Though when time went by I realized how glitchy and frustrating this game is. For example when you swim in the water sometimes if you jump out from under the water it appears Spyro is still swimming IN THE AIR! Also when you flame or charge enemies it seems to lack an impact and it appears the enemies just float away and disappear without packing a punch like the previous 3 games had. Also in the game Spyro is stupid and seems like he doesn't even recall the events from the previous 3 games, examples would be when Sparks tells you about the butterflies Spyro says "And where do I find these butterflies" and when you encounter the power ups like in the previous games you walk through them to gain a special ability when Sparks tells you about the power ups Spyro says "How do I activate these power ups, I don't see any switches or power buttons" and when you encounter the 2nd power up Spyro says THE EXACT SAME THING! Spyro should probably know how to use it by then, unless he was dropped on his head. The game is also very difficult, such as the obstacles and levels. Also it is very annoying when you are trying an obstacle (for instance flaming all the scarecrows before time runs out) and when you are charging Spyro quits charging and proceeds to speak to whatever character is near by thus making you have to start the process over. In the previous 3 you could easily charge by any nearby characters and he won't stop to speak to them. Insomniac should be ashamed for selling the Spyro license to Universal Interactive, please come back Insomniac. This game destroyed my love for Spyro and I haven't got bought another Spyro game since, though I pray deep down my love for Spyro remains in my heart.
Overall: 1.0/10