An absolute broken mess of a game in every way, Enter the Dragonfly fails to do anything it attempts properly.

User Rating: 1.5 | Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly (UK) PS2
Spyro the Dragon on the PlayStation was a rather fantastic franchise. With tons of charm, polished gameplay, and fun level designs, it's no wonder. Sadly, Spyro didn't translate well onto sixth generation consoles, due to developer Insomniac leaving the series to Universal. Spyro's sixth generation debut (as well as his first multiplatform game) is an absolute disaster on every conceivable level. It's a game so hideous, broken and boring that it really has to be played to be believed. But to suggest that you play it is only doing the game an undeserved favor.

Before I get into the actual content of the game, it's probably worth noting that Enter the Dragonfly originally had all the makings of an awesome Spyro game. With 25 levels, the return of the first game's villain, Nasty Gnorc, and a ton of new gameplay ideas such as surfboarding, it was right on track to be the best Spyro yet. But sadly, the game was pushed out of the gate too early due to Universal wanting the game out before Christmas. The result is a completely unfinished game. This is noticeable in every aspect of the game's presentation and gameplay. There are only 9 levels and one home world, the graphics are muddy, the frame-rate is constantly slow, the plot is a completely incoherent afterthought, and the levels themselves feel half finished.

The game opens with Spyro and his friends celebrating all the baby dragons getting dragonflies, or something like that. After some absolutely horrid dialogue and voice acting, the evil Ripto (returning from the second game with no explanation) comes in and decides he's going to destroy the dragonflies, or capture them, or something. He waves his wand, and the dragonflies are scattered around the world for Spyro to find. That's it. That's the plot.

The game has three cinematics: one at the beginning, one in the middle, and one at the end. Nothing that happens in the game has anything to do with the plot itself, and the cutscenes are horribly done. Characters flap their jaws and wave their arms around with PSX quality animation and babble about stuff that makes no sense. Now, platformers aren't exactly known for their deep stories, but Enter the Dragonfly's plot is inexcusable in its laziness.

All this and we haven't even gotten into the gameplay. Well, the first thing you'll probably notice when you start the game is that the frame-rate is a complete disaster. The game seems to be running at about ten frames per second most of the time. But that's really the least of the game's problems. See, the gameplay itself is mostly unchanged from previous games, but the game is so poorly constructed that everything about it just feels wrong, from the way Spyro handles to the horrible level design.

At the start of the game, you'll get a stone that you can take to a dragon altar to get a bubble breath power. If you've played Spyro before, you know that his main attack is his fire breath. Well, the one cool thing about Enter the Dragonfly is that it adds in additional breaths for Spyro to use. Bubble breath, for example, is used to capture the fireflies that are fluttering around. These are the main collectibles of the game, and they're what unlock new levels.

Other breath attacks you'll unlock include ice and electricity. Actually, that's all of them. The concept is pretty cool, but the execution is poor. Electricity is essentially the same as fire breath, except that it can power certain objects. Ice breath is the most unique, with the ability to freeze enemies and then ram them to destroy them. Sadly, it's not really very useful.

The gameplay pretty much consists of running around levels and collecting gems and dragonflies so that you can advance to the next level. To mix things up, the game throws in some terrible minigames, such as a slow-paced tank mission that has Spyro driving around in a tank with extremely clunky controls and a terrible camera. Returning from previous Spyro games are the speedways, which have you flying through levels collecting objects in a certain time limit. These levels are poorly designed and extremely easy, until you get to the races, which are poorly designed and extremely frustrating. These are extremely boring, slow-paced races against brain-dead opponents who just fly straight the whole time.

Enter the Dragonfly is an ugly game. The graphics lack detail, and the levels are extremely bland and uninspired. There are some cool ideas, such as a Thieve's Den, where the Spyro games' iconic thieves all come from, but for the most part the game is unattractive to say the least. This is thanks in no small part to the game's stuttery, awful frame-rate, which struggles to keep up with even the most basic of levels and actions. It can make the game downright unplayable at times.

The sound doesn't fare much better. The voice acting is awful, which actors who sound like they're reading the lines right off the page without even knowing so much as the context. Expect to hear mispronounced names. The music is what you'd expect from a Spyro game, which is good if you're a fan, but it doesn't have the same charm here as it did in previous entries.

Spyro is also ridiculously glitchy. This is a broken, unfinished game, and it shows. A good example of this is a mission in the second level which has you freeze some characters so that you can use them as platforms to get onto a cliff. Freezing them works fine, but once you step onto them, Spyro will seem to think that he's falling into oblivion, making it impossible to jump off the platforms. This section took me about a half hour before I finally tried running at and immediately jumping off the platform. This worked, but it clearly wasn't the way the developers intended for it to. This scene shows just how broken Enter the Dragonfly really is, as do many other glitches. Gems will clip through the ground, Spyro will stand still and refuse to talk to NPC's after you press the talk button... the list goes on, really.

In conclusion: Don't play Enter the Dragonfly. It squanders all of its good ideas on a broken, frustrating, disaster of a "game". It is a complete mess in every way, and should be avoided at all costs. It's insulting to Spyro's good name, and it helped pave the way for years of awful Spyro sequels. So thanks for that, Enter the Dragonfly.