This could have been a much better game if it wasnt rushed because that ruined it!

User Rating: 6 | Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly (UK) PS2
I heard the original plan for this game was to include Gnasty Gnorc and alot more levels in it! In fact more levels then any of the previous Spyro games but sadly Universal rushed the new creators of this game and we were left with a half finished game! I only wish this was remade the way it was meant to be so then maybe the people who design the new spyro games realise what a spyro game should be! They should know the best spyro games were the first 3! When will the designers learn? I guess im hoping for to much If only a Designer who knows what the fans want will make a Spyro game how we want it and can actually deliver with it! I saw this video game at a video game shop in geelong a long time ago and i thought to myself OMG a Spyro game i have to buy this! But when i got home and started playing this game i was shocked! I was shocked at how short the game was and at the fact that there were only 9 levels!