Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly is way too under-appreciated.

User Rating: 7.5 | Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly (UK) PS2
I think that I am the only reviewer out there that actually LIKES this game. I can't understand how some companies can give it such a low score, but here is my spin on it.

Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly for the PS2 is a very fun game. You control Spyro by using the analog stick, and press the square button to switch breath, which range from bubble (to catch dragonflies), fire and electric for attacking various enemies. You use X to jump, and if pressed again, make Spyro fly in the direction he is facing. Press triangle while you're flying, and Spyro will hover in the air to give you a little boost. Press triangle while he jumps normally and he will bash the ground with his head. To swim underwater, just hold X and move the analog stick. The vehicles, such as the tank and the UFO, are all well controlled and fun to use.

The objective of the game is to catch dragonflies. Why? Because Ripto decided to ruin the dragons' festival, because the dragonflies are a vital part of the dragon world. Story-wise, the game is forgettable. The purpose of the dragonflies isn't really told to you, but you can forgive it since it is just a Spyro game, such as Mario having to save Peach a thousand times.

The game surprised me with its good and quirky gameplay. The levels were fun to go through, and the amount of minigames and dragonflies to collect is staggering. However, I will admit that some of these minigames are a little too challenging for their own good, such as having to burn 8 scarecrows with your fire breath while having a slightly short time limit. The actual levels, however, were very large and open ended, meaning you can explore the areas without feeling restricted. There are also gems on the ground that you have to collect in order to pass through some parts of the game. These gems are EVERYWHERE, so you shouldn't have a problem getting from point A to B.

The graphics, to me, were colourful, but a little choppy here and there. Spyro moves very fluently, and the land is pleasing to the eye, but some characters and places were a bit polygon based. For example, the cutscenes felt a little too blocky, and Ripto's mouth moves as if it never spoke a word. Even with that, I found the graphics very nice and cartoony, which is good in a Spyro game.

The music was very calming, and it set the tone for every level you had to go through. In the first level, the music has a good classical feel to it, and in the farm level, the music turned very upbeat and country-like. It varies among the game, and I enjoy it for that.

The things that I did NOT enjoy about Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly were the loading times. These screens are ridiculously long, being about 20-25 seconds. I also did not like Moneybags. This character makes you spend an enormous amount of your gems just to pass through the level. I also didn't enjoy how frustrating it is to collect dragonflies, since they fly all over the place, and are usually one step ahead of you.

I found this game to be very undermined. The graphics are ok, the music is nice, and the gameplay is very fun. The story doesn't matter, but it's a Spyro game. I recommend that if you ever find this game in your local game store, pick it up, because you might actually enjoy it.