Spyro really starts to flame out at this point...

User Rating: 2 | Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly PS2

To put it bluntly, Spyro's jump from the PS1 to the PS2 fell harder than a fat man on AFV. I know that wasn't such an original joke, but it very much applies here.

This game is a steaming pile of glitches, technical issues, and heavy framerate choppiness. Unfortunately, it's the boring kind of terrible, as the game is so washed out it makes it difficult to have ANY fun with it. The graphics look boring, the gameplay induces yawns and a slight sense of frustration since the controls are so sluggish, and even Stewart Copeland sounded like he phoned the soundtrack in. Any new ideas it may have had were barely utilized to any extent; and the game is even shorter than the old PS1 games. That's probably a good thing with the way this game went. I wouldn't have wanted to play about a shitty Spyro game that's 2 times longer than one of the older but much better Spyro games.

Final Score: 24/100 (Cardboard Medal)