People aren't seeing a bigger picture

User Rating: 10 | Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly GC

How do I start? When it comes to this game, most people look for basic components, story, graphics, framerate etc.

But EtD is special on that regard, it may not have the best of anything but what does it have, potential, this game is good for the reasons you might not expect, the glitches add more challenge to the game and more flavour, it adds just that much more to the gameplay except for the usual, grab gems, grab dragonflies and occasionally grab lives.

Why did I rate this a 10?

1 reason. It's enjoyable, you shouldn't look at this game for what it is, you should look at it for what it could be, and although it what it could've been, this is really a prototype or beta for the actual version of the game, not a release. It's glitchy, which is expected from a game rushed 1 year in development, don't let that be a reason to hate the game, because what is present in the game is good, especially for developers with no games on record to that date, and the time restriction, and the glitches, they add to the game's gameplay in general.