The biggest disappointment of all time

User Rating: 4 | Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly PS2
This game had so much potential but failed to meet it. As it's the first Spyro game that was released on PS2 and the first not to be made by Insomniac Games, there are a lot of changes. The overall idea is the same - Spyro needs to go through portals and collect stuff to save the dragon realms, which was great in the first 3 games but becomes very boring in Enter the Dragonfly. The storyline itself is poor with Ripto returning with no explanation of how he is alive, but I liked the idea of the dragons being helpless without their dragonflies, leaving Spyro to find them all and bring them back (makes a change from the usual egg hunting). Some of the levels are dazzling in appearance but overall gameplay is unenjoyable. Spyro moves awkwardly and the sound is out of time with the action. This game is riddled with glitches such as heads rotating all the way around, whole chunks of land vanishing, falling through objects etc. catching the dragonflies with bubble breath feels like a chore and the loading times are shocking. This was the first rubbish Spyro game and while A Hero's Tail which followed was amazing in comparison, nothing compares to the original games made by Insimniac for the PS1. This game is worth playing if you're a hardcore Spyro fan but even then you'll probably despise it.