I was very, very disappointed with this game. This game destroyed Spyro's popularity and the love of its fans

User Rating: 1 | Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly (UK) PS2

I was a diehard Spyro fan when I was a kid. This was the first game I got for the ps2 and I was very excited when I got it. But after playing it for a while I began to hate this game. The graphics are completely different from the original games which ruined it's originality, Spyro's ability to change his breath was stupid, the game's plot and what you do in the game isn't the same or nearly as good as in the ps1 games, and Spyro's personality was changed in a dumb way as well which made Spyro look really bad. And to top it off, Sony's rights to Spyro was sold to Activision which hurt Spyro's reputation on the PlayStation even more. Crash also fell apart when the ps2 came out as well. This game was huge disappointment and caused me to lose a lot of my respect for Spyro. I still like the ps1 games but that's it. So take my advice, DON'T GET THIS GAME OR ANY OF THE NON PS1 SPYRO OR CRASH GAMES!