Spyro's Back and Hotter than EVER!!!! 8)

User Rating: 10 | Spyro 2: Season of Flame GBA

Spyro's last adventure outing on the Game Boy Advance was such a success, that this follow-up game got produced! :!: Continuing the great video game formula and video game design from the last Game Boy Advance game, Spyro is now cool AND hot! 8) Upon arriving back home from his last adventure, Spyro has discovered that his flame has mysteriously gone out and has been replaced with ice! :shock: It seems that Spyro's old time nemesis, Ripto, has returned to cause trouble once again! :O Ripto has scattered all of the FIREflies from the Dragon Realm over several unique, challenging levels. The sound and control are once again among the best a Game Boy Advance game can feature! :D And even more impressive is the fact that the video game wizards behind Spyro manage to make the backgrounds and enemies even MORE graphically beautiful than ever before! :) This game continues the dragon's great legacy on the Game Boy Advance! 8) Enough said, true believers! ;)