Good handheld Spyro

User Rating: 8 | Spyro 2: Season of Flame GBA
When I heard of handheld Spyros coming out I didn't know what to expect but believe it or not they pulled it off. The graphics and controls are a little strange at first but you really get used to it. It's like a view from above but you move diagonal most of the time. I definitely recommend this to any Spyro fans and having a Spyro game on the go is just plain fun. This was the first Spyro handheld game I got and i can truly say I was very suprised. It made me want to buy the other Spyro handheld games.There is also a couple mini games, one where you control Sparx and fight bugs and another thats like checkers. If you like Spyro get this game.