Another ps1 classic that I recommend downloading off the PlayStation Network (Here are the skill points)

User Rating: 9 | Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! PS
Spyro 2 is a lot more different from Spyro 1 and in my opinion better than the first one. There are many things that you can do in Spyro 2 that you can do in the first game.There are bunch of new characters Spyro can talk to including Elora, Hunter, Professor, and Moneybags.

Unlike the first one Spyro unlocks new moves from Moneybags in all 3 of the home worlds including swimming underwater, climbing walls, and head bash. You can talk to different characters in each world. There are also the power ups such as super flame (shoot fireballs), super charge, and super fly, super freeze, and spring up.

There are also different characters in each level who give you a task like winning a hockey game, saving cafe men from being eaten by dinosaurs, flying in the air destroying sheep saucers and much, much more and if you complete it you get an orb which can be used to unlock new levels, there are at least 2 in each world. The bosses Crush, Gulp, and Ripto are more challenging than the bosses in the first one which also makes the game more fun.

Then after you have beaten the game Spyro gets to go to Dragon Shores and play some games. And after you found all of the treasure and got all of the orbs you unlock unlimited fireballs. This is a great game that I recommend downloading off of the PlayStation Network.

Here are all of the skill points
Skelos Badlands: flame all cacti
Hurricos: ram or flame all windmills
Colossus: Perfect in hockey
Fracture Hills: 3 laps of supercharge
Crush: Perfect
Gulp: Perfect
Ripto: Perfect
Scorch: Ram all trees
Ocean Speedway: Under 1:10
Metro Speedway: Under 1:15
Icy Speed Way: Under 1:15
Canyon Speedway: Under 1:10
Idol Springs: Land on idol
Aquaria Towers: Flame all seaweed
Gulp: Hit Ripto
Skelos Badlands: Catbat quartet