Spyro 2 is a fantastic game and is still highly enjoyable today.

User Rating: 9.5 | Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! PS
Spyro 2 - Gateway to Glimmer AKA Ripto's Rage is a great platform game and one of the best the playstation has to offer. It took what was already a great game and made it better by adding more variety and bigger levels.

The story goes that in a world known as Avalar, a little orange thing called Ripto is trying to take over the kingdom. Whilst fiddling with a magic portal, a professor tries to capture a dragon from another world and bring it to Avalar. And he ends up with Spyro, who agrees to help defeat Ripto

The game play is cool. You run, glide and flame your way through the many levels of Avalar. The main aim of each level is to earn a talisman. To do this you normally just have to get to the end of the level. Sometimes there is a bit more to it such as needing to free Statures from stone or lead the baby turtles to the end.

The levels are bigger and more explorative than the levels found in the original Spyro. You can find other characters in the level and they will give you a mission of some sort and if you complete the mission you will earn an orb. These will be important throughout the game. There is no shortage in variety in Spyro 2 as these missions range from using power ups to fly around an area lighting gem lamps, or using super charge to ram into hula girls and knock them of pillars. Mini games include riding a wagon around a circuit and trying to get all the cogs or riding a sting ray through bubble rings in the water. There's also some puzzles, for example you are given one seed and have to try and figure out how you can use that seed to get more seeds and make a pathway to the top of a building.

In addition to standard levels there are Speedway Levels where you have unlimited flight and super charge speed. You fly around the area trying to fly through/destroy all the objects such as rings, arches, snowmobiles, pigeons, paragliders etc. Once you have done that, you can find a character who will challenge you to a mini game of some description such as shooting all the targets in a remote control plane or going through all the rings whilst being pulled along by a water boat.

The gameplay in Spyro 2 is absolutely fantastic. It's variety and keeps the game interesting and certainly adds to the core gameplay which is already great.

Graphically, the game looks nice especially for PS1. The animations are all good and show personality. The environments and textures are nice too. The music is pretty sweet also. Nothing to notable, but pretty cool. It has the same sort of vibe that the original sound track had.

Overall Spyro 2 is an amazing game and I very highly reccomend it. It has great core gameplay which is compliemted by mini games which are actually fun and add to the game. A must have PS1 classic