Spy Hunter is a enjoyable remake of a classic game.

User Rating: 7 | Spy Hunter PS2
Spy Hunter is based on a really old 1983 video game that has the same name. The storyline is pretty generic and boring with an evil terrorist group called NOSTRA trying to shut down all the electricity in the world and the story doesn't really "flow" with the game in the missions or in the cutscenes (The cutscenes are quite short and there's no voice acting in them, by the way). The graphics are really good for 2001. The scenery is always changing and the water looks impressively realistic for its time. The Interceptor car is interesting and you can turbo boost drive with it, shoot machine guns, use James Bond-like traps, turn it into a car like boat and turn it into a modified motorcycle. Also interesting is the weapons van that appears to give the Spy Hunter ammo and fix the car. The gameplay is nice and it is easy and good to control the Interceptor. The most annoying thing is activating the satcoms that are hidden in the levels and mostly you have to drive really slow to be able to stop and change routes and collect them all. The music strongly resembles James Bond and the sounds are nice in general. The game has 14 missions so the game isn't too lengthy, but you have to complete most of the objectives to progress in the game. The first training mission, where you learn the ropes, is perhaps the funniest level in the whole game. Spy Hunter is a good and different game that still feels good in 2010.

+ Pros: Nice graphics, interesting Interceptor car, good gameplay
- Cons: Pretty short, annoying satcoms, generic storyline