The graphics are not that detailed enoguh but the game seems easier and the objectives were useless to the gameplay.

User Rating: 3.5 | Spy Hunter GC
The bad: Gameplay is so useless, under 20 hours of finishing this game, mixed up controllers to mix to activate cheats when done perfectly, what is the point doing all objectives in 1 mission to get cheats? It is a broken peice of work they did on the GC.

Gameplay: Absolutly terrible, it is so worthless that your an bike, hovercraft, interceptor or an upgraded ones it has no point of taking stupidity of the game.

Graphics: Broken and seemly poor like a polygo shaped humans and in video clips, you play toys of satcoms and chickens with cars and more dubious A.I

Sound: Very irritating and loud making to the version, this game's sound is not good to the music and everything.

Value: Really mixed up with controllers and tehniques, when you forget something it gets harder.

Tilt: Kinda broing and this game must be avoided at all costs.