this is great and it keeps the spy hunter feel with is not always easy

User Rating: 7.8 | Spy Hunter PS2
The game it's self is pretty good it sticks you in the seat of the interceptor with is all the James bond cars put together. It has offensive and defensive weapons like heat seeking rockets and smock screens.It is fast and easy to just start playing. Their are missions about fifteen and about ten minuets long but you wont just play each mission and go to the next no you have to complete so many objectives befor you get to the next mission. But like I said they are only about ten minuets so lets say you play each mission about three times each so that is only about four hundred fifty minuets you have to play.But the story mode is'nt the only thing on this game they also have two player mode whitch is ok and a music player whitch has lots of music but you only hear it on the menus not in the game.

For a game that came out when the ps2 was still young it looks pretty good exstept for the exsplosions whitch are flat and not 3D. The sound is relly good but the music is some times over thown by the blowing up noises and car sounds.The gameplay is good it is fast and always in motion.The value is not their yeah it is a good game,a good rentel,but it dosent give you enough to make it buyeble.So all in all it is a solid game to short but is good enough to at least rent.