The car is sexy and the gameplay is exiting. That's good enough for me.

User Rating: 8 | Spy Hunter PS2
Spy Hunter is an action driving game based on the 80's top-down arcade game of the same name. This PS2 update sticks closely to what made the original a classic, while still bringing it to the PS2 generation in terms of presentation.

Spyhunter puts you in the seat of the super advance spycar the G-6155 Interceptor. Your goal is stop the evil organization NOSTRA from disrupting the world's electrical power.

The Interceptor is an absolutely sexy vehicle. Like the original arcade game, the interceptor will change into a boat mode when driven into water. When the interceptor reaches a certain amount of damage it will jettison much of its mass and turn into a motorcycle. The motorcycle will turn into a jet ski in water. The interceptor comes stock with dual forward facing machine guns and an oil slick. Later in the games more weapons such as missiles, a smoke screen, and an EMP cannon.

The game challenges you to drive 14 tracks filled with enemies and obstacles. In each mission you have a primary objective and a series of secondary objectives. The primary objective is required to advance to the following level. Although all the secondary objectives aren't required, a certain amount of them must be completed to advance.

The level designs have varied locations like a training track, the Panama Canal, jungle road, etc. The layouts of the levels make for some very thrilling driving that often has you flying through the air and powersliding through sidewalk café tables. There are often paths off of the main road that will take you to some of your secondary objectives. Trying to shoot enemies, place tracking devices on certain vehicles, avoid civilians, and lookout for side paths can be quite exhilarating! Unfortunately, it's also difficult to do on the first try and often comes down to level memorization.

The graphics are nice and detailed. They're now the best the PS2 has to offer, but they are definitely impressive to behold. The sound effects aren't particularly pulse pounding, but the explosions and gunfire serve there purpose. The music are different interpretations of the Tommy Gun song that was used also used in the original arcade soundtrack.

I had an absolute blast playing this game. It's a little short, but mastering the levels was fun even though it was an act of memorization. In the end you end up with some of the greatest Hollywood spycar scenes.