Spy Hunter is just some kool random game, but its actually quite fun.

User Rating: 8 | Spy Hunter XBOX
Spy Hunter is actually a fun game to play. Its gonna be hard to review it because there isn't really much to say about the game. But I'll try.

Spy Hunter is just some random game that is quite fun and pretty kool. I think back in the day, it used to be some old arcade game. Anyway, they made it 3D now. Its actually a fun game. Ur this spy dude that has some missions and objectives to complete. The one thing i dont like though, is that the first level is freaking hard! Its retarted! I have all objectives complete by the time i get to the end, and then out of no where, a barrel pops up and i hit it and says failed objective!!! Thats so unfair! But hey, its fun, but challenging. Im not really one for challenging games, but oh well.

I think if u beat ALL the objectives in a mission, u get new weapons and i think some cheats unlocked. Im not sure what everything is for, because i got this game like 4 or 5 years ago and i didnt really ever play it, so im workin on it right now i guess. But im not for long.

Overall, Spy Hunter is an allright game. U got this sweet car in the 1st level. But u cant pick from a list of cars. Too bad. And the fact that they have a music player, but u cant even play ur own songs! I hate that! Shoulda added couple more things and i woulda probably gave it a 9. But seeing how the game is, i give it an 8 out of 10....