I wasn't expecting much from this game but it's one of the better titles on Vita. At least while it lasts.

User Rating: 6.5 | Spy Hunter VITA
Quick review for those who need more details, as details on this game aren't really available at this time: Main menu selections are Campaign, Multiplayer (ad hoc 2-4 only), and options.The Campaign mode menu selections are Missions, Upgrades, Paintwork, Intel, and Skill-shot stats. The game has a full campaign with 23 repeatable missions. Upgradable weapons are also available, and 18 different paint jobs for the interceptor.The weapons are mapped to the four face buttons. Triangle being machine gun, circle being a shock attack from the side, the 'X' attack starts as a flame thrower, and the square starts as a flashbang but is quickly upgraded to seeking missiles. The R button is accelerate and hitting it twice activates boost, L is brake. Mission roads have multiple routes and you can decide at will which ones to take by just turning into them. The interceptor will automatically change into the vehicle appropriate for each situation. The interceptor has three modes, road, offroad, and boat. Skill-shots are on the campaign menu and are awarded for Double eliminations, triple eliminations, accuracy awards, quick-swap combos, air superiority, destroying comms vehicles, and recovering black boxes. They don't really matter though beyond just getting higher numbers and more credits toward upgrades. The Peter Dunn theme song is in this game too as a new remix. You can set the rear touch pad with different responses for left and right touches. This includes boost, device, handbrake, or intel; one for left, one for right. The front touch pad is only used to control mortar strikes from the weapons truck (not while driving) and one entire mission from it's birds-eye perspective. Overall first impressions so far: Steering is a little odd at first, it's hard to explain but it feels like it's a delayed response but not at the same time. Probably not as responsive as I'd like it to be but I got used to it. The graphics on vita are pretty impressive. It's nowhere near as choppy on the edges as I expected it to be. The only slowdown I've noticed was when multiple boats are around me in the water. The environments can be a little bland, for instance the water isn't really that great looking, but other vehicles and the weapons truck all look decent. It's just average looking. The gameplay isn't bad so far either. Explosions are fun because oftentimes when you blow up a car in front of you it does a burnout-style slow motion camera. That also happens when you jump the interceptor off a ledge or ramp. It's cool to see a car you just destroyed spinning through the air. Putting this game on a scale between other Vita games it would be somewhere better than Ridge Racer but not quite as impressive as something like Wipeout 2048. The worst part is probably the replay value. I wouldn't say there's too much. You might get some fun out of returning to missions to get better scores. But with no online multiplayer there's really not much to hold you for long. The game is really fun while it lasts, though I beat all 23 missions in less than 5 hours. 6.5/10