Overall I recommend trying this game out

User Rating: 7 | Spy Hunter VITA

I was a little skeptical about this game, but I have to say it's quite good. It really shines as a portable game. The missions aren't too long, good for short spurts of play time. I'd read something about the graphics looking similiar to the 3ds version but i was impressed. Everything is moving so fast it's hard to tell really. What makes Spy Hunter fun is the variety of weapons you unlock as you complete missions. You use funds earned from the missions to purchase upgrades for all the weapons you unlock. You have 4 weapon slots, one for each side of the car. As you progress through the levels you will come across semi trucks with oversized trailers that release a ramp for you to drive up into. They function as checkpoints and allow you to reload your ammo and swap out different weapons, which i thought was a very nice feature. Overall I recommend trying this game out now, one its cheaper now and two it's just plain and simple fun. Just drive around and blow stuff up anytime you want. The car also has an afterburner, what more could you want?!?