Just posted a review for the Vita version.

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Title. Basically it's a wall of text but I posted everything that I could think of in relation to details about the game under player reviews. It's worth a read-through if you want more details on the game. I wanted to get this up quick because I know there aren't any reviews out at this time. But I detail my experience with the game so far and the options that are available throughout the menus. I'd be glad to answer any questions you have. Overall though, I said it's worth a rent. I'll probably beat it tonight and get some store credit for it later this week.

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 5.5/10 ?? its really that bad ?? i would have given it extra point just because its on a system that needs games haha


I didnt even know this game exist untill it was playable on EB Expo last week. there was no promotion what so ever lol

and the Bam a week later its in stores  in australia.


I just bought New Little King story but i will check this one out because I did enjoy the original game back on PS2.


thanks for reviewing it :)  




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I upgraded it by a point to 6.5 now after beating the game. So I guess you could say the review is now complete. It's really fun while it lasts, but I'll probably trade it in for store credit soon. I don't think that's surprising though, because the ps2 Spy Hunter games weren't very deep either. In essence, if you've played Spy Hunter on ps2 before then you pretty much know what you're getting. The amount of lasting value will mostly depend on how much you enjoy the gameplay. In my honest opinion, rent or borrow it from a friend and beat it then return it. It's not a hard game at all and I was done all 23 missions within hours of starting.