Die Gute Fabrik + Notch = an amazing indie game!!!

User Rating: 8 | Sportsfriends PS4
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New and free for "PlayStation Plus" subscribers "Sports Friends", the ultimate party game! Now "Sports Friends" is strictly an offline multiplayer game so if you don't have friends you don't get sports friends. This game offers a few different types of game modes, keep in mind this is not "WII Sports", you do not need a PS Move Controller for this game. My buddies and I actually put our mainstream Fps's and Rpg's aside a few nights this week challenging each other in tournaments to see who was the ultimate Sports Friend. Now you don't need to like sports to like this game none of the games are actual sports just a bunch of really fun and creative competitive mini games. Also if you have four friends but only two remotes no problem because "Sports Friends" offers a setting for two people to use one controller. So if you have PS Plus and you have nothing to loose invite some friends over and have it out in "Sports Friends".