Hey, i'm back to review Sports Champions hope you enjoy.

User Rating: 7 | Sports Champions PS3
Hey Game Reviewer here, today's review is Sports Champions a PSMove game. There is WiiMotion Plus and Kinect, then there's PSmove, some people don't like it and say it's a rip-off of the Wii's controller, it is in a way but it is it's own thing and works really good but it has its downsides, the game you get with it is Sports Champions. So here is my review. Visuals: the visuals of this game are good, in table tennis everything looks amazing same goes withe the other sports. Gameplay: of course you use the PSMove controller and it works wonderful but the only problem is sometimes the PSEye Camera can't sense the controller, but other than that its works really well. Controls: the PSMove is a spectacular controller and it works really swiftly and when you swing a sword in Gladiator Duel it works really good same with Disc Golf and Table Tennis and the other sports, but there is flaws within the game like the characters look a little cartoony and sometimes they look like they don't belong in the game cause the backgrounds look realistic when the characters look unrealistic and sometimes the lags really badly and makes gameplay really slow and boring. The default music in this game is bad and thankfully they let you use the music on you PS3.

Overall this game is good and makes use of the PSMove perfectly but the game itself could have been way better. My final verdict on this game is a 7.0. My next review is going to be GTA IV. Game Reviewer, out.