This one can be pretty fun if you advance through the harder levels.

User Rating: 8 | Sports Champions PS3
When I first popped in this game I got completely addicted to the sword fighting. I played this one all the way through gold medal round before I even started to play any of the other games. Then I got addicted to the archery and played that through the gold round. I continue to enjoy the variety of this game though some parts are definitely more enjoyable than others.

From a graphics standpoint there just isn't much to write home about. However, the Move controller is definitely quite responsible and much better, in my opinion, than the original Wii iteration. It's very accurate and versatile depending on the game you're playing. Admittedly, this is a great game to pick up between other more serious games you might be playing.

Importantly, if you really want to dive into this one you have to be willing to pit yourself against the bronze, silver, and gold rounds of each of the sports. This is where you really get to hone your skills in each sport and, if you progress through the gold rounds, you can enjoy some extremely fierce competition in the champion rounds which, honestly, can cause a bit of frustration due to the difficulty. Oddly, though this title might come off as a sort of "casual game," if you really jump in you will find yourself quite challenged especially at the higher levels of each sport. THIS, in my opinion, is where the game gets fun though I have also found myself frustrated at times.

I feel like this is one of those games to keep in the side drawer in case you need to mix up your game playing time. Taking a time out from an RPS or RPG or whatever to jump in where you left off before is a nice change of pace in many instances.

The Move controller definitely is a quality item though at this point it appears the Kinect has really taken off in some unique ways. Hopefully the Move will find itself with some more fun titles as things where on with this console.