A great game to show what the Move can do

User Rating: 7.5 | Sports Champions PS3
A game that is a fun experience, and shows what the Move can do. But its just like some other game called Wii Sports.(This review is done with one controller)

Gameplay: The gameplay is very good and shows what the move can do. The first is archery which is fun and cool. There are a few game modes like shooting fruits and practice shooting. However, with one controller its weird and it gets repetitive. The volleyball is fun and it works well with one control, but you only play the game, nothing else, and you only do serving so it gets repetitive fast, it is the weakest of all. The next is ping pong, it is basic and that is all you do. But you can do back hands, and other stuff like that. However it gets old but it is fun. Next is bochie ball which is one of the best, you can do so many things with the ball and their are so many coures it wont get old. Next is disc golf, like bochie, it is super fun and many things to do with the disc and it never gets old. Last is gladiator and let me tell you this is fun, even though it can get repetitive but it is super fun, one minor thing is that with one controller it is a little weird. Finally is multiplayer, me and my friend had a lot fun playing, but we did hit each other sometimes.


Controls: The controls in this game is great, the 6 games all work, even with one controller and sometimes using buttons it is still good.


Story: There is no story but it doesn't matter.


Graphics: The graphics in this game are okay, they are cartoony and not anything like Black Ops, but what do you expect.


Audio: The audio is not that great, the sound effects are good, but the music and voices are terrible so don't expect much.


Value: The value in this game pretty good, for each game there is 30 rounds, which is a lot, but they just increase in difficulty, not much else, but there is still multiplayer, and it is very fun and it what this game is made for. So overall this is pretty good.


So this game is a good way to play the move, it ma not be a great game, but multiplayer is worth it.

Overall: 7.4