Review for Sports Champions

User Rating: 7.5 | Sports Champions PS3
Playstions move is a great addition to the PS3. Like wii sports when you first get the playstation move it comes with it. Its very accururate and tracks movement well and is easy to use. But like wii sports it gets boring after the first few times you do it. Its to repetive and to easy. It only has 5 sports and there not probably your favourite sports. It can be fun when your playing with someone else but facing the CPU is not so good. Its perfect for getting the feel of the move controller but other than that theres really nothing else thats perfect for this game. If you have wii sports than youll understand that it gets really boring after a few times but it does start off really fun. Some people did like this game a lot and I can see why because there are some parts in this game that are actually pretty fun like earning trophies. Earning trophies in this game is fairly easy.If you read the decription for the trophy and come back to earn it you should be able to do it on the first or second try.At the end of the day this game is a must for the move controller owners. Its actually one of the only decent games for the move controller. If you can get it at a good price than get it.