All sports are very satisfying. It's definatley the best sports game out there!

User Rating: 9 | Sports Champions PS3
In the current era of gaming we seem to be bombarded by these sports games, there's been some like it on the PS2 although they were never successful, many, many sports games on the WII, on the kinect and even quite a few for PS3. At a glance Sports Champions seems no more impressive than these other games but when you delve deeper you realise it's actually quite complex.

First of all, all 6 sports are great and feel as though the effort has been shared over all sports instead of just focusing on table tennis as many sports games love to do. The accuracy of the move and the complexity of the physics programmed into the game is brilliant. Many other sports games don't make you feel as though you are properly moving the equipment but this one really does. In table tennis if you hold your racket at a silly angle the ball will respond correctly allowing you to play some rather strange types of shots. I like to try and hit the ball with the rim of the racket. The archery is probably the simplest but they have created lots of different little mini-games all of which are very satisfying. I do have a small complaint about the Beach Volleyball. You basically learn all the different types of shot and then you have to reproduce them on command with very little chance for your own creativeness. Bocce is basically bowls, which may not sound fun but if you play it with some mates you can have a lot of fun. This is a good place to show why this game raises the bar. It doesn't just make a game with realistic controls and physics but in Bocce it adds in crazy arenas with loop the loops and hills, this means you won't get quickly bored of a simple rectangle.

This is apparent throughout all of the games there are just these little additions which make the game so much better than an average motion controller sports game. They even give you chance to add another motion controller if you want but thankfully they have made all games compatibly with only one controller, and bocce allows you to play with 4 friends all using the same controller which is really handy.

I know I haven't discussed all the sports but I can tell you they are all very well thought out and very satisfying. My only slight problem with the game is that it is quite difficult, maybe I am just rubbish but when you get to mid-silver things can become pretty tough. This annoys me because you have to complete gold to unlock some hidden characters. So for that reason it's a superb 9/10!