it is a good game in general, but not perfect

User Rating: 7.5 | Sports Champions PS3
not all the sports in the games are fun to play. i wish they could add more popular games in there. i can imagine not many people want to play disc golf. anyway, for the sports I do play, like ping pong, i think they are doing a good job to simulate playing the game in real life. you can play with different styles and speed. one of the cons coming off the top of my head is they do not have an option for gamer to hold the ping pong racket vertically. the funny thing i saw is no matter how hard you smash the racket, the ball just does not go as fast. so it is like men and women playing the game with the same speed and power, that is not true as a matter of fact.

and it is just difficult to acquire trophies since getting around 10 opponents for one level is never an easy task, especially the highest level, championship cup. man, isn't it tough!