This PlayStation Move launch game has great multiplayer. Making PlayStation Move start out pretty well.

User Rating: 8 | Sports Champions PS3
This is Sports Champions, a sports collection for Sony's new PlayStation Move. This is the game you'll get from a PlayStation Move bundle, or from the PS3 slim 320GB with PlayStation Move bundle. You are able to play 6 sports, Disc Golf, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Bocce, Gladiator Duel, and last but not least, Archery. There is no online multiplayer, there is only local multiplayer for up to 4 players. For each player, you can use up to 2 PS Move controllers at a time. In some cases, it's better to use 2, the only sport that's fine without 2 is Archery. If you use two controllers in Gladiator Duels, you use one PS Move controller for the sword, and one for the shield. At certain times, this game can get very frustrating and hard. It really doesn't get annoying until you reach the silver cup in some events. Which means the CPU will be more difficult to defeat. This is a great game that honestly deserves an 8.0. The multiplayer really boosted my rating up. If you like sports and PlayStation Move, you really should get this game. Not to mention, when you are playing Sports Champions you can select, "Save Screenshot" from the XMB menu after pressing the PlayStation button to save a picture from the gameplay in Sports Champions. This is under the "Photo" category. So overall, it's a great start for PlayStation Move and more than likely will be found enjoyable to PS3 fans. Enjoy!

The Good
Fun multiplayer, good graphics, great sports, the controls are great, custom soundtrack

The Bad
Too hard sometimes, single player can be repetitive